Yakima Skyline

Yakima Skyline 50K: Race Report by Matt Hagen

Several years back I ran the Yakima River Canyon Marathon.  At that time I was an aspiring marathon runner (maybe semi-aspiring would be closer to the truth) and as I ran down the road I complained about the “wicked camber” that left my ankles sore, and about the “huge hill” on the course just before the descent to the finish.

Even then, however, I looked to the hills on either side and thought, “I wonder what it would be like to hike up there?”  The thought of actually running seemed absurd, but a hike might be approachable.

It’s still an absurd course, but the idea of running it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility anymore.  I ran 20 miles of it with a camera two years back, and am looking to return in order to find out what it’s like to run without so much weight.

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